Our List of Service Includes:

Here is a list of various events that could benefit from the presence of skilled crowd management and private party security:


Traffic Warden

A traffic warden, also known as a parking enforcement officer or traffic officer in some regions, is a public official responsible for enforcing traffic regulations and maintaining order on public roads and streets.

Their primary duties involve ensuring that drivers and pedestrians adhere to traffic laws and regulations, especially with regards to parking rules.


Traffic Bike rider

A traffic bike rider, also known as a traffic enforcement officer or motorcycle officer, is a law enforcement officer who patrols public roads and streets on a motorcycle.


These officers are an essential part of the traffic law enforcement team and play a crucial role in promoting road safety, enforcing traffic regulations, and assisting with various law enforcement tasks.



A bouncer, also known as a doorman or security guard, is an individual hired to maintain order and ensure security at venues such as bars, nightclubs, concerts, events, and other establishments where large crowds gather.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of patrons and staff by managing entry, enforcing venue rules, and handling potential conflicts or disturbances.


Security Guards

Security guards, also known as security officers or security personnel, are individuals hired to protect property, assets, and people from various risks and threats.

They play a crucial role in maintaining safety and security in a wide range of environments, including commercial buildings, residential areas, industrial facilities, events, and public spaces.


Industrial Security

Industrial security, also known as industrial or plant protection, refers to the set of practices and measures implemented to ensure the safety, security, and protection of assets, personnel, and operations within industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, refineries, power plants, and other industrial sites.


Event security

A party isn’t a party until you can have fun without worrying about security. Staffing for large crowds is our expertise. Offering uniformed event staff and ushers. Fast Guard Service offers event staff, ushers, crowd management services, post trash pick up, valet services and priority transport. We are licensed and insured.

So you’re throwing a big private party or private event and it is shaping up to be the party of the century. You’ve thought of everything, snacks, entertainment, a nice wet bar, but have you handled security issues.


Labor Unrest Management

Labor unrest management, also known as labor dispute management or industrial relations management, refers to the process of handling and resolving conflicts or disagreements between employers and employees, labor unions, or workers' associations.

The goal of labor unrest management is to address issues and grievances in a constructive and peaceful manner, maintaining harmonious and productive labor relations within an organization or industry.


Electronic Surveillance

Electronic surveillance, also known as electronic monitoring or electronic eavesdropping, refers to the use of electronic devices and technologies to monitor or record activities, communications, or movements of individuals, organizations, or areas.

This practice has become more prevalent with advancements in technology, raising important ethical, legal, and privacy considerations.


Commercial Housekeeping

Commercial housekeeping, also known as commercial cleaning or janitorial services, refers to the professional cleaning and maintenance of commercial or business facilities. This type of service is essential for maintaining a clean, hygienic, and organized environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

Commercial housekeeping companies are typically contracted by businesses to provide regular cleaning services to their premises.


Office Boy

An office boy, also known as an office assistant or office aide, is an entry-level administrative support role in an office or business setting.

Office boys perform a variety of tasks to assist with the smooth functioning of the office and to support other staff members in their day-to-day activities.


Common questions about Event Security

Both roles involve protecting people and places. The term "security guard" is informal and generally refers to standard security services. On the other hand, a "security officer" implies a more professional role with higher training and responsibilities. However, the distinction may vary based on location and job requirements.
As a security guard, the requirement to carry a gun depends on the specific company and the laws of your jurisdiction. Some security guard positions may require firearm training and carrying a gun, while others may not.
The worthiness and affordability of MCCS services vary depending on individual preferences and budget. It is recommended to research their specific offerings and compare them with other alternatives to determine suitability.